Removing Rust From Your Woodworking Machines

Removing Rust From Your Woodworking MachinesRemoving rust from woodworking machines has been discussed over and over again with each woodworker giving his/her method of accomplishing the same task. They all work to some degree.

Most articles I’ve read refers to table saw rust and how to clean rust from table saw. Table saws with cast iron surfaces are a major culprit but any machine with a cast iron work surface must be maintained to prevent rust. It doesn’t have to be a working surface that has to be maintained either. It can be a drill press column or even hand tools.

Where to start depends on how bad the machine surface is rusted. Most woodworkers have to deal with thin surface rust from a damp garage but some also may be trying to remove years of rust that has pitted the surface. A completely different approach is required for each one.

Within the generation field, it seems you will find there’s a large amount of nearly every little thing. Absolutely, any of us which has bumped into the industry more than a time or two is aware of there are a great deal over a good deal of drill bits to choose from this post of drill press reviews.

Basically it’s a three step approach. Remove the rust, clean the surface and then seal the surface so it doesn’t happen again. Sometimes it’s the first step, removing the rust, that has some woodworkers scratching their head.



On unprotected surfaces rusting starts immediately. Overnight, with the right moisture conditions, a top can rust to the point where it leaves a film on your wood or hands. After a few days the entire surface will be deep dark red color. If this is the level of rust you need to get rid of then it’s quite easy following the steps below.

Using a synthetic finishing pad, scrub the surface until all the surface rust is gone. You can do this by hand or you can attach the pad to a random orbit sander. It may be tempting to use sandpaper and try to get all the discoloration out of the surface but you could damage your work surface. Personally I’d rather have a discolored top than a top that’s uneven from too much sanding. Sometimes a wire detail brush is handy to get into the corners and grooves.

After scrubbing and cleaning, the surface needs to be wet scrubbed with a rust preventing lubricant such as WD-40 or a light penetrating oil. Cast iron is a very porous metal so scrubbing with a lightweight oil will force the oil into the pores and help seal the surface.


Heavy rust that has already caused pitting has done quite a bit of damage and is much harder to get rid of. After it’s gone the remaining surface will also be hard to get back as flat as it should be.

One good way is to dissolve the rust is with Naval Jelly. You may have to use several applications before all the rust is removed.

Always follow the directions on the container and make sure to use goggles and rubber gloves. The phosphoric acid that dissolves the rust can be harmful to anything it touches including skin, eyes, and painted surfaces. After using, it can be neutralized using lime or flushing with lots of water.


Now that your machine surface is rust free the next step is to keep it that way. Oil and silicone are both very poor choices.

Over a period of time, if the machine is in a damp area, the moisture will get between the oil and machine surface and start rusting all over again. Silicone is even a worse choice due to the silicones incapatability with most wood stains and finishes. That leaves what I’ve used for years. Wax!

Several good coats of paste wax will protect your surfaces better than anything else I’ve found. It also makes your boards slide across the work surface much easier. You can feel when the wax is wearing thin as the boards get harder to push through the machine.

I prefer using a good automotive wax because it seems to last much longer. I’ve read reports to stay away from automotive paste wax because it may contain silicone. I personally haven’t had a problem with it transferring to my wood after it’s been wiped down and buffed.

A good paste wax will also protect your cast iron surfaces but seems to wear off much faster. Whichever one you choose should work well. Wax all your tops on a regular basis and you shouldn’t have to worry about removing rust again.

REMOVING RUST – Step by Step…

  1. Using a orbital sander buff the top with a synthetic finishing pad.
  2. Clean the top of loose material after removing rust and buff again using WD40 or light machine oil.
  3. Clean the oil from the top using paper towels and a cleaner such as paint thinner or lacquer thinner.
  4. Apply several coats of a good paste wax and buff with your orbital sander and a clean rag.
  5. You’re ready to cut wood!

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Having an Affair.. shhh

Ok, So I do still have the love for LauncherPro. I didn’t have any real mentionable issues with it, just some tiny quirks that were probably more me than the launcher. Then @le3ky had to go and tweet me yet another fantastic launcher to check out.

Having said that today was a busy day. I downloaded kundli software, tested an app called Speed, and found an amazing Twitter client. I am so overjoyed I don’t know what to do with my little geek self.

First things first… ADW Launcher is… beyond fabulous. There are so many customizable options which are what makes me so hot for Android in the first place. Regardless of how tech savvy you are, this app can really pimp the look and feel of your Android user interface. The app drawer moves so smooth and the animation is just sexy. It has no hesitation or lag moving from screen to screen, portrait to landscape. You even get the option to open a vertical or horizontal drawer. The effects, speed columns, and rows are all customizable both in portrait and landscape separately as well as the transparency level of the drawer background. Seriously, this thing is options galore.

Seriously, this thing is options galore. If you have the status bar at the top, you can disable it in the screen preferences and increase the screens to the familiar seven found in HTC Sense UI. You don’t have to do both or either for that matter. You decide. Make it yours!

You decide. Make it yours!

In the UI Settings, you have plenty of options, but my favorite is the ability to hide icon labels. There are so many options in this thing, every other word that I want to type is an option, and did I mention how many options there are?
If you really dig deep into this very detailed well-written launcher app, I am sure you won’t often come across another android that looks like yours.

I wish I had such good things to say about Speed, an application by the Swirling Brain. Being a caffeine junkie such as I am, one might think this to be an app of my ilk. Notsomuch. Speed is a rather simple app that uses GPS triangulation to estimate your speed. Emphasis on the word guess, in my case. While I know that the GPS in the phones aren’t perfect, and I have been lost in the woods (winks) I can still locate a magnet the size of an eraser in random hidden places… (ref: so my GPS isn’t THAT off.

Unfortunately, this app not only seemed completely useless to me, it had very little in the line of options. (there’s that word again. Thanks, ADW, you have spoiled and ruined me.)

At any rate, you can do simple things like changing the color or font of the speed listed.. and invert it, apparently so you can set it on your dash and it can display on your windshield. All of that would be eh, okay- if it wasn’t an average of 15 mph off at any given time, and had a strong tendency to force close.
At any rate, a colleague told me of some speedometer app that played music when you reach a certain speed and was really cool and very accurate. I am willing to bet my buns this wasn’t it. I give “speed” thumbs down.

And now on to my final app of the day… and I have truly saved the very best for last. Oh wow, what can I say about Twicca?
Where do I begin? If you have been reading my blogs, you surely know that I get overly excited about these apps and if you have paid attention you also know that I love being able to customize my android and my apps to make it my own experience. Well, today- having added ADWLauncher and Twicca, I am damn near at nirvana.

Ok so maybe it isn’t that serious, but the point is… Twicca is beyond fabulous. It has a sensibly sized widget that contains buttons labeled “update” “home” “mentions” “DM” and “search”. If you already use Twitter, you know exactly what those buttons mean. If you don’t, this part of today’s post will be pretty alien to you.

Once inside the application, the stock colors are black and white. It is very clean, sharp and sexy. On the settings menu, you can access so many things that you can’t access with Twitter’s official Android application. You can define how you want your RTs to appear and set whether or not you want a before the @ when replying.

You also have access to change your User Icon, Bio, Web page, location and name from the profile settings.
Like most Twitter apps, you have the ability to use search trending topics and post your GPS location. This is most definitely the cleanest looking and option rich twitter application I have used thus far. Twicca, you win in my book.
I have so much more to say about these two fantastic apps but I there were so much packed in here- it made it hard to focus on the many various details of each. If this were my living, I might break it down more this time But this is my passion. I am sure my excitement bleeds through here, as I write what comes naturally.…

Friday Night Texting Experience

Ok so there I was sitting in the sun room in the back portion of my house on a Friday night, just chilling out and listening to a podcast, while at the same time, I’m sending texts back and forth with a friend of mine about his computer – all on my Motorola Droid.

What was even cooler was the next part. I was texting this guy using my Google Voice account where you can keep a searchable transcript of all of your text messages. That’s not the cool part though. The cool part was when I noticed that my battery was getting low on my Droid.

I brought my Droid inside, plugged it into the charger, grabbed my girlfriend’s HTC Droid Eris, launched Google Voice and continued the text conversation right where I left off with the previous texts in the thread already there. I went back outside and finished my cigarette while continuing my thought in this text conversation.

After my cigarette was extinguished, I entered the house again, sat down at my computer, launched Google Voice in my browser, and typed to continued the same exact thread right from the comfort of my chair, also with the entire thread in front of me.

That’s Badass.

UPDATE: Later on in the conversation, I needed to call him. So I clicked the “Call” button in my browser in Google Voice, selected my girlfriend’s cell phone, typed the other person’s name, and clicked “Connect.” The Droid Eris rang, I picked it up, and then the other person’s phone rang, and our call was connected.

That’s awesome.

Android Marketplace Search History

Ok, this annoyed the heck out of me, so I had to find a resolution. Check this out:

Go to your Marketplace. click on the magnifying glass as if to search. Notice all of the results that show up there? How annoying! I had so many random things listed in there because other people were searching for apps testing out my phone that I never knew if it was appropriate or not to hand someone my phone and let them search! It was making me crazy because there is no direct way to delete the search history.

android marketplace

Also, after looking at various Android devices at retail locations, I could see that apparently there isn’t a widely known history cleaner. (There were some pretty obscene things in these phones!)

Soooo, thanks to Zodttd for searching the marketplace, and Google, we have located an app that does just this, and more. Its called History Eraser. It is a free app and it has options to delete history for your google search, marketplace, call history and more. check it out in the Android Marketplace.…

Big Oven

So she calls and says she will meet you at 7 for dinner at your place.. what do you do? Grab Chinese takeout on the way home? Not very impressive, eh?

Its his birthday, and you want to cook something special, but aren’t sure what to make? Just not sure how to make it?

Maybe you just want to try something different, or you have a fantastic recipe for Tiramisu and you want to share it with the world… Big Oven is just the app for you. Its free and it is in the app store!

Big oven helps you come up with delicious and creative ways to use your leftovers. You can search thousands of recipes to help plan fantastic dinners right from the grocery store. BigDaddyMoe pointed this application out and I think it is a fantastic time saver! He recommends trying the Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce and if I remember correctly suggests using real garlic and adding it to the butter and allowing it to “sweat” for a bit… enjoy this app and let me know what your favorite dishes are!…

Putting out Fires with Android

This application is fantastic! I am not a firefighter or a first responder but I am aware of how complex their schedules can be, and I have seen the books and calendars these guys and gals carry around just to make sure they get to work on time. This app was brought to my attention yesterday and I wanted to make sure the word gets spread like wildfire!

If you are a Firefighter, EMS, or know of one who either carries an android, or is looking to get into a new device, let them know about Firehouse Scheduler by Leaky Nozzle.

If you are a first responder, or just someone with a pretty complicated schedule and you are tired of carrying around a paper calendar or day planner, check this application out.

How to download paid apps these days using mios Haimawan ? – Checkout the guide.

I think more than a review, this is more to just get this out there because this is such an awesome useful application.. so if this is something that can be useful to you, go check it out at their website .. oh and yes, this app was indeed created by Firefighters!

There is a $5.99 fee attached to this application but from the reviews I have heard from firefighters it is well worth it!…

ZodTTD is showing some love to Android! <3

I was recently presented a new Sony Playstation 1 (PSX) video game console emulator for Android 2.x by ZodTTD. While ZodTTD may be known mostly for iPhone emulator development, there was a large demand for the same work to be placed on the Android platform. In fact there are over 1800 signatures on a petition for ZodTTD’s work to be ported over.

ZodTTD has partnered with the Le890 – author of Nesoid (NES emulator as seen here) and GameBoid (Gameboy Advance emulator) allowing him to use existing the emulator user interface that is familiar to Android users. New enhancements for fullscreen play are being made as well. You can currently control the emulator just as you could with previous emulators, via touch controls, hard buttons, and trackball.

When using the currently unnamed PSX emulator, the framerate in many games was a bit short of the intended 60 frames per second. This is a very early build though, and performance increases are expected.

The pictures show the emulator running on a Nexus One. This emulator is designed for Android 2.x and really demands fast processors such as the Snapdragon and Cortex A8.

Keep in mind the touch control’s “skin” is currently that of the emulator GameBoid, and is not final. There will be a Sony Playstation 1 specific skin before release with all buttons needed for playing games on this game console.

What’s next for ZodTTD on Android? N64 and VLC from the sounds of it!