Putting out Fires with Android

This application is fantastic! I am not a firefighter or a first responder but I am aware of how complex their schedules can be, and I have seen the books and calendars these guys and gals carry around just to make sure they get to work on time. This app was brought to my attention yesterday and I wanted to make sure the word gets spread like wildfire!

If you are a Firefighter, EMS, or know of one who either carries an android, or is looking to get into a new device, let them know about Firehouse Scheduler by Leaky Nozzle.

If you are a first responder, or just someone with a pretty complicated schedule and you are tired of carrying around a paper calendar or day planner, check this application out.

How to download paid apps these days using mios Haimawan ? – Checkout the guide.

I think more than a review, this is more to just get this out there because this is such an awesome useful application.. so if this is something that can be useful to you, go check it out at their website
http://www.leakynozzle.com .. oh and yes, this app was indeed created by Firefighters!

There is a $5.99 fee attached to this application but from the reviews I have heard from firefighters it is well worth it!…