Big Oven

So she calls and says she will meet you at 7 for dinner at your place.. what do you do? Grab Chinese takeout on the way home? Not very impressive, eh?

Its his birthday, and you want to cook something special, but aren’t sure what to make? Just not sure how to make it?

Maybe you just want to try something different, or you have a fantastic recipe for Tiramisu and you want to share it with the world… Big Oven is just the app for you. Its free and it is in the app store!

Big oven helps you come up with delicious and creative ways to use your leftovers. You can search thousands of recipes to help plan fantastic dinners right from the grocery store. BigDaddyMoe pointed this application out and I think it is a fantastic time saver! He recommends trying the Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce and if I remember correctly suggests using real garlic and adding it to the butter and allowing it to “sweat” for a bit… enjoy this app and let me know what your favorite dishes are!…

ZodTTD is showing some love to Android! <3

I was recently presented a new Sony Playstation 1 (PSX) video game console emulator for Android 2.x by ZodTTD. While ZodTTD may be known mostly for iPhone emulator development, there was a large demand for the same work to be placed on the Android platform. In fact there are over 1800 signatures on a petition for ZodTTD’s work to be ported over.

ZodTTD has partnered with the Le890 – author of Nesoid (NES emulator as seen here) and GameBoid (Gameboy Advance emulator) allowing him to use existing the emulator user interface that is familiar to Android users. New enhancements for fullscreen play are being made as well. You can currently control the emulator just as you could with previous emulators, via touch controls, hard buttons, and trackball.

When using the currently unnamed PSX emulator, the framerate in many games was a bit short of the intended 60 frames per second. This is a very early build though, and performance increases are expected.

The pictures show the emulator running on a Nexus One. This emulator is designed for Android 2.x and really demands fast processors such as the Snapdragon and Cortex A8.

Keep in mind the touch control’s “skin” is currently that of the emulator GameBoid, and is not final. There will be a Sony Playstation 1 specific skin before release with all buttons needed for playing games on this game console.

What’s next for ZodTTD on Android? N64 and VLC from the sounds of it!