Friday Night Texting Experience

Ok so there I was sitting in the sun room in the back portion of my house on a Friday night, just chilling out and listening to a podcast, while at the same time, I’m sending texts back and forth with a friend of mine about his computer – all on my Motorola Droid.

What was even cooler was the next part. I was texting this guy using my Google Voice account where you can keep a searchable transcript of all of your text messages. That’s not the cool part though. The cool part was when I noticed that my battery was getting low on my Droid.

I brought my Droid inside, plugged it into the charger, grabbed my girlfriend’s HTC Droid Eris, launched Google Voice and continued the text conversation right where I left off with the previous texts in the thread already there. I went back outside and finished my cigarette while continuing my thought in this text conversation.

After my cigarette was extinguished, I entered the house again, sat down at my computer, launched Google Voice in my browser, and typed to continued the same exact thread right from the comfort of my chair, also with the entire thread in front of me.

That’s Badass.

UPDATE: Later on in the conversation, I needed to call him. So I clicked the “Call” button in my browser in Google Voice, selected my girlfriend’s cell phone, typed the other person’s name, and clicked “Connect.” The Droid Eris rang, I picked it up, and then the other person’s phone rang, and our call was connected.

That’s awesome.