Yeah, so I am a geek girl born from Zork on my Commodore 64. From there I moved on up to single and dual node bbs fun. Even ran my own Synchronet and W

WIV bbs with dovenet feeds. Anyone remember TradeWars or L.O.R.D? and WOW when file repositories were born!

From there, I experienced and sysopd Multi node on MajorBBS.. and then a very short lived experience running an Excalibur BBS.. HOLY “FULL COLOR NET” BATMAN!

I have had a few IT related jobs and have always been fascinated with technology so it is no surprise to those who know me to find me tinkering around with yet another digital fascination.

MY Android.What I love so much about Android is the ability to customize it just for me. I am also fascinated with the many form factors it is available in, as well as the multitude of apps.

I have come across many android sites and found that most of them seem to cover the same list of apps and I found it really hard to find what I wanted without h

aving to sift through a lot of nonsense I find all over the place.


Since I know so many people with some type of Android device, and have access to all sorts of apps and opinions- I get to hear about a lot of fun things Android related.

That is what this website is about. My experience with Android.