Big Oven

So she calls and says she will meet you at 7 for dinner at your place.. what do you do? Grab Chinese takeout on the way home? Not very impressive, eh?

Its his birthday, and you want to cook something special, but aren’t sure what to make? Just not sure how to make it?

Maybe you just want to try something different, or you have a fantastic recipe for Tiramisu and you want to share it with the world… Big Oven is just the app for you. Its free and it is in the app store!

Big oven helps you come up with delicious and creative ways to use your leftovers. You can search thousands of recipes to help plan fantastic dinners right from the grocery store. BigDaddyMoe pointed this application out and I think it is a fantastic time saver! He recommends trying the Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce and if I remember correctly suggests using real garlic and adding it to the butter and allowing it to “sweat” for a bit… enjoy this app and let me know what your favorite dishes are!

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